The Story of My Thunderbird.

My wife knew how much I loved that car and was always on to lookout for a replacement. After the children left the roost, she got serious about it.

One April day back in 2006, she spotted an ad in the local paper for a 1955 Thunderbird. She immediatly called the number and learned that there was a lot of interest in the car. Fortunatly, we lived nearby. We drove to the location to check out the "Bird". We determined it was in quite decent condition so we purchased it on the spot.

A day later we had a friend put his dealer plates on it and he drove it to my home. When we registered it and drove it around for a while we found that there was very little that had to be done except cosmetics on the body and that the engine was tired. Some external plumbing was added to the engine to provide oil to the upper valve train and rocker arms.

Now comes the restoration process. Thanks to our talented son and his big garage, we were able to return the car to its orignal color and condition if not better.